The Classical Music Radio Programmer/Announcer “Kiss of Death”

The Experience Myth aka “The Kiss of Death”

Be wary of this line, especially when rendered as a response to honest, constructive criticism or questioning:

“I’ve been doing this for 30 plus years, and I know what I’m doing.”

If you’ve been doing it the same way for thirty plus years, then you only have one year of experience.

Isn’t that true?

Composer John Adams says the composer’s “kiss of death” is when someone says their music is “interesting.”

"To me…that means they didn't like it or they didn't understand it when they say 'it's interesting.' I want them to come up and say 'I hated it!' or 'I loved it - it really spoke to me.' But when somebody comes and says it's 'interesting,' it usually means they didn't connect with it."

I asked my mother, an abstract painter, if visual artists have a similar “kiss of death.”

“Exciting.” “Oh, that’s exciting.”

I nearly choked a few years ago when we overheard someone say that to an artist at a gallery opening in San Francisco.

“I’ve been doing this for 30 plus years, and I know what I’m doing.”

“You know I think it’s risky not to stick your neck out (laughs). I think it’s a lot riskier for me personally. You know, life is too short. It’ll just go by way too fast if you don’t if you don’t stick your neck out.” (Cellist Matt Haimovitz)