Media Preparation:
Crush the Interview

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You have your story. But how do you share this story effectively with the media and your audience?

In your interaction with the media, you will meet one or more of the following interviewers:

  • “Highly Adept Interviewer” (Your dream come true)

  • “Generalist Interviewer”

  • “Unprepared Interviewer”

  • “Clueless Interviewer”

  • “Over Prepared” and “Long Question Interviewer”

  • “Showoff Interviewer”

  • “Interrupter Interviewer”

  • “Musicologist Interviewer”

  • “Trivialist Interviewer”

  • “Off Point Interviewer”

  • “Yes Interviewer”

  • “Doesn’t Ask Questions Interviewer”

  • “Rookie Interviewer”

  • “Fawner Interviewer”

  • “Answer for You Interviewer”

Regrettably, I have been many of those characters listed above, and I will show you how to prepare for each to ensure you can comfortably and confidently make a strong, memorable impression. It often takes just 30 - 40 seconds to get an interview on the right track. Sometimes, it just takes silence — ask me about the beauty of silence.

I will also help you avoid the big mistake interviewees make at the beginning of nearly every interview.

When you gain insight into the interviewer: who they are, what they really do, and the best way you can help them…you’ll be in a powerful position to also help yourself.

And finally – wouldn’t it be wonderful if you did not need to become a shameless or shameful self-promoter? Thankfully, that won’t be necessary any more.

P.S. How do you answer tired and predictable questions like, “How many hours a day do you practice a day” in a memorable way? Plus, what not to say when the interviewer asks you “What’s on your CD?” or “What are you playing on your recital?”

Ask me.