A Day in the Life

FF Obama.jpg

1. Almost got hired by the Obama Administration.

2. Was grounded for life as a teenager when I referred to tofu as "prison food," the first time my mother served it for dinner.



3. Once mispronounced the Elgar Pomp and Circumstance March No. 1 on live radio.  I used medical terminology...

4. Practiced my clarinet in the car while the rest of the family visited some of the most famous museums in France and Italy

FF Queen Juliana.jpg

5. Shares a birthday with Queen Juliana (Holland), Franz Lehar, Alice B. Toklas, Robert Shaw and Mr. Monkey (YouTube star)

6. Used sugarless chewing gum as bait the first time I went fishing (Caught nothing)

7. Has never referred to Leonard Bernstein as "Lenny."

8. Had a Senior VP at NPR and a famous TV and Movie star both ask me, "Who are you?" after close encounters (on different days). It was more like WHO ARE YOU??

9. Once interviewed a conductor in the hallway of his hotel, just outside of his room...there was something or someone he did not want me to see. #whathappensindcstaysindc

Cal Berkeley

10. Proud to be a Berkeley native. ("There's no place like home.")

Berkeley poster