Create Awareness:
Get Your Music Heard


Nobody reads press releases any more. And that CD you sent out was received by someone who gets 50 – 100 CDs a month. It’s growing old dust on CD mountain. Now what?

Since all art is personal, one-on-one contact is critical. You need to develop long-term relationships with the stations best equipped to get your music heard before the largest audiences possible.

From my time being a decision maker at SiriusXM, and as a Public Radio Program Director, I know what radio programmers are looking for to serve their audience.

I will serve as your personal Radio Airplay Representative.

I will engage and excite radio programmers about your new and old releases in a way that will encourage airplay. I will connect you with these radio station programmers and announcers at classical music radio stations and help you develop long term friendships.

When it comes to getting your music in front of print and online media, that’s a slightly different discussion.

My approach is different than many of the current PR pros and PR firms that promote new CDs. They do a fine job. But I will only advocate for a limited number of artists at one time. I will talk to the right number of people at length, and put all of my efforts into advocating one recording, or one set of recordings, at a time.