I present “Emerging Artist” workshops to advanced music students and performers on the cusp of major careers. My presentation offers them a structure and strategies they can use to achieve their artistic calling.  I come at this from 30 plus years of radio experience where I decided whose music was heard and who got the interview before a national audience.  

Here’s a brief summary of what I cover in these workshops.

 a) Is your bio an impressive fact sheet or a compelling and memorable story?

b) Almost no one reads press releases anymore: now what?

c) How to get and crush the interview – and what you should never do at the beginning of an interview.

d) If Gustavo Dudamel, Jennifer Higdon or Joshua Bell were behind you in line at Starbucks, what would you tell them, and what should you never ask them?

It’s crowded out there, especially in our current hyperactive media environment, where everyone is clamoring for attention. My expertise is showing artists how to stand out and stand apart from the rest.

Current and future workshop presentations include the Curtis Institute of Music, Universal Classical, The Eastman School of Music, Bard College and the Strathmore Artist in Residence Program.

Workshop sessions range from 1 – 2 hours depending on class size and the priorities of the host institution.  I also work one-on-one. Everyone who attends receives a complimentary one-on-one 30-minute session within one year of the session.

I am happy to provide you additional details.  Please send me a note at davidmsrebnik@gmail.com.