Crush the Interview

Crush the Interview

Meet the Arts Reporter and the Interviewer

When you sit down to meet the press for your interview, you will meet one or more of the following interviewer types.

·       the “Highly Adept Interviewer” (Your dream come true)

 ·       the “Generalist Interviewer”

 ·       the “Unprepared Interviewer”

 ·       the “Clueless Interviewer”

 ·       the “Over Prepared” and “Long Question Interviewer”

·       the “Showoff Interviewer”

Regrettably, I have been each of those characters listed above and too many more. I will be happy to show you successful interview techniques to help you prepare for each interview character to ensure you can comfortably and confidently make a strong, memorable impression.

Here’s a preview: silence is golden, and thirty seconds of preparation will put your interview on the right track.  Ask me about it. 

When you gain insight into the interviewer: who they are, what type of interviewer they are, and the best way you can help them, you’ll be in a powerful position crush the interview.

Let’s talk about how to successful interview techniques you can use to prepare for interviews with the interviewer profiles above.  I’ll also share the big mistake you can avoid at the beginning of the interview and the four magic words to raise your profile when you pitch yourself as an interview subject.